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Tofino Concerts and Music News for July 2008

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The following concerts in Tofino are happening in the month of July 2008. Tickets are available at Tofitian, Long Beach Market (Esso) and at the Common Loaf.

Visit our Tofino concerts page for concert listings for the current month. Also check our Tofino events for listings of all local events and the Tofino festival page for our festival event calendar.

tofino concert - mat the alien

tofino concert - july 1, 2008Mat the Alien

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Tofino Legion
Tix $12 • Doors 9:00 pm

Mat has been dj'ing since 1998 and developed his style while working in his family's record store in Bury, England. Described by Knowledge Magazine as, "Awe inspiring. Some next level shit." Mat has toured across the globe, pioneering 4-turn?table club nights in Whistler and Vancouver, and with crates as deep as a black hole combined with mixing and scratching skills he is considered among the best by anyone who sees him. Mat was chosen to rock the party at the '06 Winter Olympics.

tofino concert - the skatalites

july 11, 2008The Skatalites

Friday, July 11, 2008
Tofino Legion
Tix $30 • Doors 9:00 pm

More than a band, the Skatalites were and are an institution, an aggregation of top-notch musicians who didn't merely define the sound of Jamaica, they were the sound of Jamaica across the '50s and '60s. The Skatalites brought together the top musicians and styles of the time - fusing Boogie-Woogie Blues, R&B, Jazz, Mento, Calypso, and African rhythms - to create the first truly Jamaican music: Ska. From the start, The Skatalites changed Jamaican music forever. The creation of ska - the father of rocksteady, the grandfather of reggae - gave us eternal rhythms that now infiltrate the globe. In the 80's and 90's, English ska revival groups like Madness, The Specials, and Selector all tribute the Skatalites as a primary influence. This new generation have collectively opened for and played with the Skatalites, raising awareness for and reviving the fan base for a new wave of ska.

tofino concert - skratch bastid

july 15, 2008Skratch Bastid

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Tofino Legion
Tix $12 • Doors 9:00 pm

Born in Halifax, raised on Planet Rock, Skratch Bastid has been a hip hop junkie since before he became a teen. Quickly realizing the role of the rapper wasn't his forte, he applied his obsessive musical interest to DJing, which moved naturally from cassette mixtapes in his basement to performing on stage with groups and competing in DJ battles before finding his niche playing parties, clubs and festivals. An addicted record collector inspired by many styles of music, Skratch moves quickly between genres and smoothly between tempos, while keeping things quintessentially funky. Yes, quintessentially. Technically apt, but soulfully grounded. His Get Up! mix was heralded as one of last year's best Mix CDs by TurntableLab, spinning hip-hop, funk, disco and rock into a quilt of awesome. Satisfaction guaranteed.

tofino concert - big john bates

july 19, 2008Big John Bates

Saturday, July 19, 2008
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 • Doors 9:00 pm

Society has been shocked by pulp art, infuriated by the tribal rhythm of rock'n'roll and shadowed the wrong side of the tracks to the burlesque night. True to style, Big John Bates brings the sound of hotrod blues & visions of bad girls together has put the cult back in culture. Big John Bates' music has its roots in blues-based rock'n'roll but its high-energy twang and pulp fiction lyrics (focusing on the seamy side of our culture) give them a sound all their own. The show is an animal of its own and often finds the band on-stage with their own burlesque group the Voodoo Dollz who perform mainly non-traditional burlesque numbers choreographed to BJB's music and based on John's pulp fiction lyric themes. Somewhere between the sex and murder there's always room for a few laughs. Hell, it's only a matter of time before Conan O'Brien is duct-taped to his desk.

tofino concert - fred eaglesmith

july 29, 2008Fred Eaglesmith

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 • Doors 9:00 pm

Fred bought his first guitar at the age of 14 with $12 he'd earned doing farm chores. By age sixteen, Eaglesmith had left home hopping freight trains out west and thus the life of a travelling musician began. A smokey mixture of hard-edged honkey-tonk and sixties rock. His high energy shows have been earning them critical acclaim across North America. Freds music inspires comparisons to icons like Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen, tops the roots music charts, and boasts devoted fans that include a slew of his fellow songwriters. Eaglesmith won The Juno Award for Best Roots and Traditional Album. A Fred Eaglesmith show features a mix of passionate, funny and moving music, ridiculously funny comedy, honest tears and poignant observations all at once.

tofino concert - daniel wesley

august 2, 2008Daniel Wesley

Saturday, August 2, 2008
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 • Doors 9:00 pm

Daniel formed his first band at the age of fifteen, the punk rock outfit called The Dropouts. Continuing on with the hard rock scene, Daniel picked up the guitar at sixteen and fronted local bands General Mayhem, Audiophile and Replica. Tired of the constrictions of a rock band, Daniel went out on his own and in the summer of '06 wrote and recorded his debut solo album Outlaw. With beach, reggae and rock sounds, Daniel was finally playing the kinds of music that he was longing for.

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