tofino time readers' choice awards - the best of tofino 2010

Tofino Time Readers' Choice Awards:
The Best of Tofino 2010

Tofino favourites, voted for by Tofino Time readers in early 2011.

the letter 'T'The results are in! The readers of Tofino Time Magazine have chosen their favourites in Tofino!

Favourite event of 2010

The gastronomical extravaganza of the Oyster Festival was your favourite event last year with the Whale Festival as its popular second.

Favourite activity done while skipping work

While skipping work we seem to either jump in the water for a surf or spend some time outside walking on the beach.

Favourite spot to watch the sunset

By far Chesterman Beach is our favourite place to watch the sunset. MacKenzie Beach is an other popular spot.

Favourite escape

For a little time away most folks headed to the lake or down island to Victoria.

Favourite place to be at 4:20

Out in the surf was your place of choice for this B.C. ritual or chilling out at home.

Favourite spot for people watching

The downtown core seems to be our location of choice for this pastime with Tuff Beans patio being the top choice and the Common Loaf second.

Favourite sporting activity

The ocean is the center of our lives here so our favourite sports were surfing and fishing. Not a bad lifestyle Tofino.

Favourite place to relax

When it came to truly un­winding we either hid ourselves in our homes or hit the beach.

Favourite spa experience

The Sacred Stone Spa was the most popular choice for a spa experience or some time in the Ancient Cedar Spa as it the next favourite.

Favourite place to get in the water

Getting in the water can mean many things around here. You love to dip yourself in the Hot Springs up the coast or suited up for a surf at Cox Bay.

Favourite place for coffee

Tofino’s choice for a good jolt of the liquid life was Caffé Vincente with the Common Loaf and Tuff Beans close seconds.

Favourite place for breakfast

Caffé Vincente was our readers’ choice as the best place to have breakfast, with the Common Loaf as your second.

Favourite place for lunch

For our mid-day refuel your first choice was by far Sobo and as a second option you evenly craved the Wildside Grill and Tacofino.

Favourite place for dinner

When we think about treating ourselves to a dinner out our first choice is Sobo with Shelter as a close second.

Favourite place for dessert

Chocolate Tofino was your location of choice for a sweet treat, with Sobo as its closest rival.

Favourite place for a drink

For a cocktail or cold one your favourite haunt is Shelter or to head on down to the Dockside Pub.

Favourite wine list

Tofino’s favourite spot for choosing a bottle is Sobo and Long Beach Lodge was your next choice.

Favourite place for food on the go

For a yummy snack on the run it was a tie for first place between The Wildside Grill and Tacofino. The second choice was Sobo.

Favourite accommodation

When it came to recommending a place to stay while in our area Long Beach Lodge was the popular choice with Pacific Sands as your next to recommend.

Favourite charter company

Ocean Outfitters was voted as your favourite with Remote Passages as a strong second place.

Favourite surf company

It was a tie for the favourite surf shop between Storm and Surf Sister. Long Beach Surf Shop was the next choice.

Favourite gallery

Eagle Aerie Gallery of Roy Henry Vickers was your first choice with Reflecting Spirit the next favourite.

Favourite boutique

For some retail therapy your opinions were evenly split between Upstairs Boutique, The Studio House and Covet.

Favourite new business 2010

The two new businesses that left the biggest mark on Tofino this year were Tacofino and Knits By The Sea.

Congratulations Tofino!

The Best of Tofino: Readers' Choice Awards

Tofino Time March 2011

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Tofino Time Readers’ Choice Awards results from March 2011: The Best of Tofino in 2010 as voted for by readers of Tofino Time Magazine.

tofino time march 2011