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Tofino festivals

Calendar of events for festivals in Tofino & Ucluelet

TTofino festivals are legendary for their intimate settings and vibrant energy. The hosting villages of Tofino and Ucluelet, along with Pacific Rim National Park Reserve offer a wide range of events, providing entertaining and educational activities for all:

Pacific Rim Whale festival

march 12-27, 2016march 12-27, 2016March 12-27, 2016

Events are held throughout Tofino, Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

From March 12-27th, the Festival will offer over 90 activities and attractions in various locations throughout Tofino, Ucluelet, and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Events - many free of charge - range from children’s fairs to culinary competitions, First Nations culture to hands-on coastal wildlife education

Tofino Shorebird Festival

april 29 - may 1, 2016april 29 - may 1, 2016April 29 - May 1, 2016

Events are held throughout Tofino, Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

This year marks the 18th Annual Tofino Shorebird Festival with events organised by the Raincoast Education Society. Every year, beginning in late April to early May, flocks of sandpipers, plovers, whimbrels, and many other shorebirds pass through the Tofino area.

Feast! Tofino-Ucluelet

may 6-22, 2016may 6-22, 2016May 6-22, 2016

Events are held in Tofino,
Ucluelet and in
participating restaurants

A collaboration between Tofino & Ucluelet chefs and restaurants, fishermen, foragers and farmers, accommodation, activity and tour providers, Feast! Tofino-Ucluelet celebrates the abundance of locally available seafood and the sustainable “boat-to-table” practices commonly employed by the area’s restaurants and the Tofino-Ucluelet Culinary Guild.

Clayoquot Island Gardens

may 21 & 22, 2016may 21 & 22, 2016May 21 & 22, 2016

This event takes place on Clayoquot Island (also known as Stubbs Island, a short boatride from Tofino

The Clayoquot Island Preserve extend a very special invitation to the people of Tofino once a year. This is the weekend that they open up their island to visitors. This year the island will be open to visitors on the May Long Weekend on Saturday May 21, 2011 and Sunday May 22, 2011 from 12 – 6pm.

Tofino Public Market

saturdays in septembersaturdays in maySaturdays, 10 am - 2 pm
May - September 2016

Tofino Village Green

The Tofino Public Market will be starting up again for the season on Saturday May 22 at 10am till 2pm. Be sure to stop by and check out what our local artists have produced in craft, food, art and music.

Tofino Food & Wine Festival

june 3-5, 2016june 3-5, 2016June 3-5, 2016

This event is set in the Tofino Botanical Gardens, with associated events being hosted by participating Tofino restaurants

The 22th Annual Tofino Food and Wine festival is a joint fundraiser for Tofino's Childrens Centre and the Botanical Gardens. This is a well attended weekend of events, not to be missed by anyone who loves great food and wine.

Pacific Rim Summer Festival

july 1-15, 2016july 1-15, 2016July 1 - 15, 2016

These event takes place in Tofino, Ucluelet, the Pacific Rim National Park and the Tofino Golf course.

The 25th annual Pacific Rim Summer Festival returned last year to officially launch the beginning of summer on the west coast. Presented by the Pacific Rim Arts Society, the festival returns with an expanded programme that features over forty musicians and dancers from four continents in a series of world and roots music, jazz, classical, First Nations and family concerts.

Westcoast Maritime Festival

september 25-28, 2009september 25-28, 2009dates to be announced

The Westcoast Maritime Festival takes place in Tofino and on the waters of Clayoquot Sound.

Last year's events included a Search & Rescue Demonstration by the Canadian Coastguard, First Nations canoe and kayak races, dockside tours of the Canadian Forces' sail training vessel HMCS Oriole, radio-controlled, scale model boat and barge displays, the unveiling of an historic anchor and commemorative plaque in Centennial Park, an underwater archaeology workshop and public forum on the wreck of the schooner Hera. This years events are to be announced.

Tofino Lantern Festival

august 14, 2016August 14, 2016

The Tofino Lantern fest takes place
at the Tofino Botanical Gardens

The Tofino Lantern festival, now in its 7th year, is a fundraiser for the Raincoast Interpretive Center in Tofino. The event is sponsored by the Raincoast Education Society in Tofino and draws young and old with an unbelievable variety of hand made lanterns. Don't miss out on the magic!

Tofino Art in the Gardens

september ?, 2010Dates to be announced

The Tofino Art in the Gardens festival
takes place at the Tofino Botanical Gardens

On September 8th & 9th, 2009, "Art in the Gardens" celebrates its fifth year with a two day festival of visual and performing arts at the Tofino Botanical Gardens. The festival was launched in 2004 to encourage local artists to come together and meet each other and renew friendships, and to show off their enormous talents to local residents and visitors alike.

Tofino Beer Festival

september ?, 2010Dates to be announced

The Tofino beerfest is it its third season
and takes place from 4-8pm at
Weigh West Marine Resort

The second annual Tofino Beer Fest is being held at the Weigh West again. Spots to Purchase Tickets: Blue Heron Restaurant, Dockside pub, reception area of the Weigh West Marine Resort.

Live music will entertain you at a barbecue in this oceanside venue from 4:00 no 8:00 pm: Weigh West Marine Resort. 634 Campbell Street, Tofino, B.C.

Bamfield Mushroom Festival

october ?, 2010Dates to be announced)

The 5th Annual Bamfield Mushroom festival at the East Bamfield Community Centre

Mushroom aficionados and wild mushrooms newbies alike, won't want to miss the 5th Annual Bamfield Mushroom Festival, a treat for all ages. Bamfield's annual celebration of all things fungal will be held on Saturday October 13th at the Community Hall in East Bamfield.

Tofino Film Festival

october ?, 2010Dates to be announced

The Tofino Film Festival celebrates it's 12th Anniversary this year!

Now in it's 11th year, the Tofino Film Festival will take place on October 23-26, 2008. All films will be shown at the Clayoquot Sound Community Theatre located at 380 Campbell Street. Ticket prices to be announced.

West Coast Winter Music Series

november 7, 2009 - april 10, 2010 november 7, 2009 - april 10, 2010November 7, 2010 - April 10, 2011

10th Annual West Coast Winter Music Series focuses on classical music

Now in its 10th year, the West Coast Winter Music Series is planned and programmed by a dedicated group of volunteers who just happen to love music of all kinds, but classical music in particular. For more information on tickets and or subscriptions contact Judi at 250.725.3373.

Tofino Oyster Festival

november 17-19, 2011november 17-19, 2011November 17-19, 2011

This series of events takes place in Tofino, with some events offshore at oyster farms in Clayoquot Sound

The Tofino Festival of Oysters and the Sea, once a humble local event for one night, has evolved into a weekend of oyster gastronomy, including oyster farm tours, educational seminars, masquerade ball and of course, the main event—the Oyster Gala.

Tofino Winter Celebration Artisan Festival

december 4, 2011december 3, 2011December 3 & 4, 2011

Join the celebration at this annual pre-Christmas tradition in Tofino
and support Tofino artists!

The Winter Celebration Artisan Festival, an annual pre-Christmas tradition inTofino, takes place on December 3 & 4, 2010 in the Harbour Lounge at the Weigh West Marine Resort in Tofino.

Tofino festivals

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