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Pool Facility Feasibility Study

We have hired Professional Recreation Environment Consultants (PERC) to complete our feasibility study. This is the same team that did our first Master Plan, so they are familiar with our community and are happy to be back with us. Monty Holding has met with us twice now, and will be coming out to chat with us locals in the fall. We hope to have this study complete before the end of the year.

Doggie Do Do

And this from our little treasures at the Community Children’s Centre… “Please, please pick up after your dog!” The children have complained about the amount of dog feces on the trail between the day care and the school, and worse, on the hill in front of the day care where they like to roll…. You get the picture.

Skatepark Landscaping

A huge thank you to Brenda Schwab and her crew from Stick in the Mud who have volunteered to do some upkeep on the landscaping at the skatepark. Thanks so much – it looks great!

MUP Planning Grant

We have just received a grant from the Ministry of Community Services to create a Cycling Network Plan.

This will give us the expertise we need to discover what exactly our path will look like as it approaches town, and what happens to it when we get there.

This is a vital step in extending our MUP. We envision being able to move quite quickly once the plan is in place. When we were doing our Master Plan review, we heard loud and clear how important it is to get our MUP into town, and this will be the first step.

District of Tofino Parks & Recreation Master Plan

The final draft will be discussed at the next Recreation Commission meeting in September, and will then go to Council for adoption. It has been a long but important process. We were happy to have awesome input from our community, and we truly feel that the involvement of all has made this a great document. Thank you!!

Tofino Recreation Commission Annual General Meeting

We wanted to finish up our Master Plan before we started recruiting new members. So, sometime in mid Fall we will be holding our Annual General Meeting. If you have ever been curious as to what the Commission does, or if you want to be involved in helping guide the development of our parks and facilities, we’d love you to join us. The AGM is a great time to meet the Commissioners, get some background information, and we always have great food and lots of laughs. Our current chair is Sarah Timberlake. She can be reached at

Tofino Parks & Recreation

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Tofino Parks & Recreations: News about parks and facilities in Tofino from Fall 2007

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