take charge! osteoarthritis early intervention program

Take Charge! Osteoarthritis Early Intervention Program

Tofino Parks & Recreation, Fall 2007


Early intervention is the key to managing osteoarthritis. Appropriate exercise, joint protection, weight management, medications and complementary pain management techniques are all important. Most people need guidance to develop their own disease management program. It's difficult to put together a program from reading a book or searching the Internet.

The Take Charge! Early Intervention for Osteoarthritis program brings you together with experienced health professionals who will provide you with information and links to community resources so that you can design your own self-management program.

Who's it for?

  • For those experiencing the first signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis (often baby boomers) or those who have not had previous access to arthritis-experienced primary care health professionals. This new “Take Charge” Early Intervention program brings you together with Physical & Occupational Therapists, Dieticians or Nutritionists, Nurses or Pharmacists who will provide you with information and links to community resources so that you can design your own self-management program.
  • Early intervention is the key! Get the information you need to make informed personal health care choices in time to make a difference.

What's Covered?

  • Intro to OA, adapting exercise and activity for your OA, joint protection principles and techniques, medications and supplements, nutrition and weight management, complementary approaches for managing pain and stress, and much more. Comprehensive manual included.

november 6-27november 6-27Take Charge!
Osteoarthritis Intervention Program

Coming to Tofino this fall!
Tuesdays, November 6-27, 1-3 pm
In the Tofino Community Hall
Cost is $35/4 classes

Presented in partnership by Tofino General Hospital, Vancouver Island Health Authority and Tofino Parks & Recreation

Tofino Parks & Recreation

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