sally mole - director of tofino parks & recreation - from sally's desk

From Sally’s Desk

by Sally Mole, Director of Parks & Recreation, Tofino


Well, it seems to have been a summer of missing people this year. We were left short staffed in our recreation area after one of our students left soon after summer began, and our Matt chose to take some time off before he enters med school. We’ve been really lucky to have Carey Gills join our department in a summer position. Carey has risen to the challenge of multi tasking in our diverse environment and is hoping to make Tofino her home after the season ends. Thanks Carey!

We also lost Bradley Evans from our summer parks position, to a temporary job with Public Works. Brad graduated in June this year, and we have had the pleasure of employing Brad for the last three summers. We hope he sticks around, as he has been a great asset to the team as a whole. However, with other labour shortages in the Public Works department, our parks are looking sad, sad, sad…

And our Recreation Commission has suffered some serious losses with the departure of Krysta Stafford, Karl Hansen and Cathy Picton. This was never more noticeable than on Canada Day when their absence meant the rest of us had to pull some intense hours just to try to stage the Canada Day we all have grown to know and love.

Finally, our community has lost some of its finest members, and long time families to the call of other areas. At last count, I tally 8 families that have either moved or are in the process of moving by September. That also calculates to a loss of 14 kids from our community.

All of these losses pose some serious questions, and have caused some real introspective reflection in our department. We have always vehemently defended and promoted our community spirit, however with this summer’s experiences, we have to ask the question… Are we losing our community’s cohesive spirit???

It’s hard not to get despondent when reflecting on these issues, however we truly believe that the community we know as Tofino, as our home, as the home of our children and family and friends, is really alive and well, though maybe a little tired, maybe a little frustrated, maybe questioning it’s place in the bigger scheme of things. We intend to find that heart, and administer a little shock treatment. While we are working on some great events to get us through the winter season, you can check our some of our community events we have planned for us locals this fall. Make sure you join us and reconnect to the reason(s) we live in this beautiful, friendly place. We’re glad you’re still here with us!!

Tofino Parks & Recreation

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