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Tofino movies in May 2011

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the letter 'W'We would like to thank those in our community who produce and organise all the movies that enhance our lives and the time spent here by our visitors.

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Here are the movie listing for Tofino in May 2011:

may 2, 2011Blue Valentine

Monday, May 2, 2011 • 8 pm
Clayoquot Community Theatre

Blue Valentine
(US, 2011, Romance/Drama, 120 min, Rated 18A)
Directed by Derek Cianfrance

Nobody, Baby, but you and me…

‘Blue Valentine’ is the story of love found and love lost, told in past and present moments in time. Flooded with romantic memories of their courtship, Dean and Cindy use one night to try and save their failing marriage. It isn't always easy to watch, but Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling give performances of unusual depth and power – both received Golden Globe nominations, and Williams an Oscar nod. See it before it comes to home DVD.
Received 18 awards/’nominations world-wide.

“…first-rate cinematography and an explosive soundtrack…” – Entertainment Spectrum

may 9, 2011The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Monday, May 9, 2011 • 8 pm
Clayoquot Community Theatre

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
(2003, US, Documentary, 83 min, Rated G)
Directed by Judy Irving

This is the true story of a Bohemian "St. Francis" and his remarkable relationship with a flock of wild green-and-red parrots. Mark Bittner, a dharma bum, a homeless street musician in San Francisco, falls in with the flock as he searches for meaning in his life -- unaware that the wild parrots will bring him everything he needs. They became the source of his first book, a Random House, hardcover best-seller in 2004.

We are happy to be showing this film in conjunction with the Tofino Shorebird Festival, 2011.

may 16, 2011Inside Job

Monday, May 16, 2011 • 8 pm
Clayoquot Community Theatre

Inside Job
(2010, US, Documentary, 120 min, Rated PG)
Directed by Charles Ferguson

The film that cost $20,000,000,000,000 to make…
The global economic crisis of 2008 cost tens of millions of people their savings, their jobs, and their homes. This is how it happened. Through exhaustive research and extensive interviews with key financial insiders, politicians, journalists, and academics, the film traces the rise of a rogue industry which has corrupted politics, regulation, and academia.

Winner of Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars
Co-sponsored by Monday Night Movies and Green Soul Organics. Draw Prizes!

may 23, 2011Animal Kingdom

Monday, May 23, 2011 • 8 pm
Clayoquot Community Theatre

Animal Kingdom
(2010, Drama, Australia, 112 min, Rated 14A)
Directed by David Michod

A crime story…

Tells the story of seventeen-year-old J as he navigates his survival amongst an explosive criminal family and the detective who thinks he can save him. Set in the terrifying Melbourne crime underworld, where tensions are on the brink of exploding between felons and renegade cops - the Wild West played out on the city's streets in broad daylight.

“A film that must be seen.” – Rolling Stone
Winner at Sundance; 53 nominations/wins around the globe!

may 30, 2011The Misfortunates

Monday, May 30, 2011 • 8 pm
Clayoquot Community Theatre

The Misfortunates
(2010, Com, Belgium, 108 min, Rated 14A)
In Flemish - aka “La Merditude des Choses”
Directed by Felix van Groeningen

I’ve scoured the globe for a hilarious comedy, and this film really stood out. Gunther Strobbe is a 13 year old who lives with his alcoholic father and three uncles. Their hearts are in the right place – but they seem to turn everything around them into disaster. They enter drinking contests, ride bicycles naked, teach vulgar songs to little girls and end up in hospital, then head right back to the bar the next day. Gunther is an observer in this broken home that reeks of cigarette smoke, spilled beer and sweat-stained clothes.

“A mad Flemish film that must be seen to be believed. So see it. ”— John Griffin, The Gazette

Nominated for Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars; special prize at Cannes!


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