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Ucluelet & Barkley Sound

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the letter 'U'Ucluelet is a small village of approximately 2000 people located 41 km south of Tofino. Situated on the Southern tip of the Ucluth Peninsula on the westcoast of Vancouver Island, Ucluelet (pronounced you-clue-e-let) is locally referred to most often as 'Ukee'.

There are many attractions to see in the village as well as local trails and beaches such as the Wild Pacific Trail; a 7 phase trail system that skirts past he Amphitrite Lighthouse along the Western edge of the Ucluth Peninsula, along the rugged westcoast shoreline. This is the best place for winter storm watching, where you get to view the awesome fury of ocean meeting continent

Barkley Sound is a triangle covering over 100 square km, it is a vast area of rugged wilderness teeming with wildlife. It stretches from Ucluelet to the North, Port Alberni to the East, Bamfield to the south and the great Pacific Ocean to the west.This area features long winding inlets and rugged headlands, secluded islands, beaches and sandy coves, pristine lakes surrounded by ancient trees, everything that is unique to the west coast can be found here.

The Broken Group are a cluster of more than 100 islands, situated in the south west of Barkley Sound and are part of the Pacific Rim National Park. This island group is known internationally for kayaking, wilderness camping, diving, fishing and whale/wildlife viewing. Whale watching and wildlife viewing from a kayak or even a zodiac is a profoundly more intimate way of experiencing a whale encounter

These islands are mainly protected behind outer islands and reefs, ideal conditions for calm waters, tranquil sandy coves, rugged shorelines and an astonishing variety of wildlife such as migrating Grey, Humpback and Killer whales, and porpoises, seals, sea lions, and elephant seals.

Pacific Rim National Park

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Ucluelet, also known as 'Ukee' is a village 41km south of Tofino, on the Southern tip of the Ucluth Peninsula on the West coast of Vancouver Island.

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