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the letter 'T'The following concerts in Tofino are happening in the month of August 2009. Tickets are available at Tofitian and Long Beach Surfshop in Tofino.

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tofino concert - hey ocean

august 1, 2009Hey Ocean

Saturday, August 1, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 * Doors 9:00 pm

Hey Ocean! is a band with an infectious musical style and onstage charisma that continually captures the hearts of their ever-growing audience. The band's live performance is where they truly shine. Their unique style energizes entire rooms and has concertgoers up and dancing within moments. This quartet draws on influences from folk, reggae, funk, jazz, rock, hip hop, and more seeking out a middle ground between finely crafted pop and funky freeform jams.

tofino concert - skratch bastid

august 4, 2009Skratch Bastid

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $12 * Doors 9:00pm

Born in Halifax, raised on Planet Rock, Skratch Bastid has been a hip hop junkie since before he became a teen. Quickly realizing the role of the rapper wasn't his forte, he applied his obsessive musical interest to DJing, which moved naturally from cassette mixtapes in his basement to performing on stage with groups and competing in DJ battles before finding his niche playing parties, clubs and festivals. An addicted record collector inspired by many styles of music, Skratch moves quickly between genres and smoothly between tempos, while keeping things quintessentially funky. Yes, quintessentially. Technically apt, but soulfully grounded. His Get Up! mix was heralded as one of last year's best Mix CDs by TurntableLab, spinning hip-hop, funk, disco and rock into a quilt of awesome. Satisfaction guaranteed.

tofino concert - acoustic evening

august 5, 2009An Acoustic Evening at the Harbour Lounge

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Harbour Lounge, Weigh West
Tix $10 * Show 9:00pm

As part of their continued efforts to merge great touring performers with local Tofino talent, Tree Frog Productions will be presenting an evening of acoustic music in the Harbour Lounge. Headlining will be folk singer/songwriter Allison Brown. Hailing from Southwestern Ontario, Allison likes her religion a little bit dirty, her country music with a bit of maple syrup and keeps her folk as dusty as the ol' cabin floor. With tales of broken hearts and bad weather, Allison's sweet and powerful singing captivates audiences with a refreshing conversation of enduring character. Filling the evening with great local will be Ron Weeks performing a rare solo show; Julie Robinson warming our hearts with her beautiful voice; and Bryden Ashton & Duncan Booth playing a collection of original and familiar tunes.

tofino concert - jon & roy

august 8, 2009Jon & Roy

Saturday, August 8, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $12 * Doors 9:00pm

With so much hype surrounding the acoustic guitar/sunny beach vibe emanating from south of the border, it would be easy at first glance to overlook western Canada's Jon and Roy, if not for the sheer strength of their music and growing legion of fans. Leading the charge like a modern day Bobby D (rolled with Sex wax and chillin' on the beach) is Jon Middleton and his prolific songwriting coupled with the rhythmic flare of Roy Vizer. The Jon & Roy collaboration began in 2004 amidst the buzz of a cluster-house centurion. Upon repeated requests from those who had seen Jon Middleton perform around Victoria before, Jon picked up his vintage L'arrive, closed his eyes and let loose. Having crossed the Georgia Straight earlier that day to visit the island, Roy tuned up his bongos and added some rhythm.

tofino concert - adham shaikh with mihirangi

august 14, 2009Adham Shaikh with Mihirangi

Friday, August 14, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 * Doors 9:00pm

This is a rare and unique experience to enjoy these two artists as they perform on their own and as a colaborative. Adham weaves together soundscapes of ancient and the immediate with the tribal dub grooves, his renowned sets bridge the gap between the organic and the electronic and between inner and outer space. Adham has been producing music for the past 18 years and has released 4 solo albums. His live shows are an uplifting and captivating multimedia experience. Mihirangi creates a world of sound with her powerfull vocals, beatboxing, hand percussion, traditional flute, acoustic guitar, vocal bass lines, cries, vocal lead breaks, and harmonies. Mihirangi is an exciting and gifted contemporary performer.

tofino concert - current swell with ash grunwald

august 29, 2009Current Swell with Ash Grunwald

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 * Doors 9:00 pm

Current Swell has a unique style of music that is deeply rooted in folk and blues, reggae inspired, and rock driven. This tightly polished act is pushing the boundary of what people know as new music. Joining them at the legion is legendary Australian roots rock performer Ash Grunwald. This modern-day bluesman has managed to sound utterly contemporary while keeping his roots in the Mississippi.

tofino concert - white cowbell oklahoma

september 5, 2009White Cowbell Oklahoma

Saturday, September 5, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 * Doors 9:00pm

Toronto's southern-fried supergroup White Cowbell Oklahoma is one of the most entertaining live spectacles north of Dixie. Their 10-piece fire-breathing, whiskey-guzzling rock onslaught, featuring nothing less than four lead guitarists, is a feast for the senses. The village people of rock & roll, these boys put on a spectacle of a show that involves everything from chainsaws, g-strings and fire. Punchy, raw and infectious thier music is a rousing chant-a-long where singers belt out over guitars, two drummers, fiddle, bass, keyboards, a Moog-wankin' wizard, banjo and accordion. You can label this baby as 'Southern fried weirdness that knocks you on your arse' because that's about as accurate of a description as you'll find for White Cowbell Oklahoma.

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