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The following concerts in Tofino are happening in the month of June 2009. Tickets are available at Tofitian and Long Beach Surfshop in Tofino.

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tofino concert - dr israel

may 30, 2009Dr Israel

Saturday, May 30, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $18 • Doors 9:00pm

The boundary-crossing works and collaborations of The Legendary Dr. Israel cry out like a call to revolution, embracing styles from reggae to drum 'n' bass to hard-core metal. Like Eddy Grant on a counter-cultural warpath, Dr. Israel's politically charged lyrics and diverse musical foundations deliver a refreshing blast of thought-provoking tracks that will make music fans from all walks stop and tune in. Doc's ability to represent and reprocess his influences (Black Uhuru, Black Sabbath, Bad Brains, Run dmc, Roni Size) into compelling new forms is astounding. And what ties these styles of music together so organically? The answer is simple: Doc understands that what he loves about all music is big bass and big drums. He also understands how to implement that knowledge; this is why Doc is such a special musical mind.

tofino concert - leeroystagger

june 6, 2009Leroy Stagger

Saturday, June 6, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $10 ā€¢ Doors 9:00pm

Leeroy Stagger And the Sinking Hearts hit town for an evening of catchy 70's inspired roots rocknroll, think Estreet bad meets crazy horse with a slice of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. Stagger is joined on stage by Ian Browne (matthew good band) Kevin Kane (grapes of wrath) and Tyson Maiko (gob). This high octane foursome is sure to not disappoint. Drawing on country, rock and punk influences, Stagger hit Canada's independent music scene like a hurricane. He's not just another badass wannabe with a good haircut; his heart rending portraits are masked by beguiling melodies and pop hooks. From full out broken beer bottle rock to the aching ballad of a broken hearted dreamer, Stagger's music is truly unique and truly Canadian.

tofino concert - marty dread

june 13, 2009Marty Dread

Saturday, June 13, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 ā€¢ Doors 9:00pm

Marty Dread was born in the Bronx New York and moved the Hawaiian island of Maui as a young child. His career as a reggae artist started with his 1992 hit a 'Wicked Wahine'. Marty's style is rich in island vibe and traditional reggae roots but with a healthy dose of hip hop and dance hall. Constantly on the cutting edge, whether live on stage, or in the studio, Marty Dread is known as 'Hawaii's reggae ambassador.' Drawing inspiration from his tropical home of Maui, Hawaii, Dread rules as the island's hottest performer-recording artist, with over two decades of constant live performances, four Hoku award nominations (Hawaii's version of the Grammy's), and a constant international touring schedule.

tofino concert - no means no

june 20, 2009No Means No

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 ā€¢ Doors 9:00pm

Possibly Canada's preeminent power trio, No Means No have been abrading delicate ears with their complex rhythm-heavy funk-punk and promulgating leftist social commentary across North America since 1981. That was the year a couple of nice Canadian boys, brothers John and Rob Wright, formally began their strange sonic experiments that fused punk with blues, jazz, funk, metal, and pure noise. Rhythms and declamatory lyrics dominated their sound, a situation that remains true today after two decades of developing their sound. Bluesy guitar parts have always seemed to work at the service of the band's complicated rhythms. Deep chugging bass is usually the biggest sound in the mix and jarring, polyĀ­rhythmic drumming is a lot more sophisticated than most of the percussion you hear in rock music.

tofino cocert - blue king brown

june 27, 2009Blue King Brown

Saturday, June 27, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $22 | Doors 9:00pm

Blue King Brown is a band for your hips, heart and head. The Australian collective melds a deeply percussive sense of rhythm with sweet melodicism and politically astute lyrics. You can hear the afro-beat, reggae slink, world and Latin influence but the band has created a distinctly original sound and they've hit the sweetspot. A refreshing modern take on roots music, uniquely Australian with an unquestionable international feel. Blue King Brown are known for their full force, high energy, live show. In their short time on the touring circuit, bkb have established themselves as a revered name in the Australian music scene and have amassed a solid national following.

'Blue King Brown is my favourite band right now.'¯
Carlos Santana

tofino concert - mat the alien

july 1, 2009Mat the Alien

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 | Doors 9:00 pm

Mat has been dj'ing since 1998 and developed his style while working in his family's record store in Bury, England. Described by Knowledge Magazine as, 'Awe inspiring. Some next level shit.'¯ Mat has toured across the globe, pioneering 4-turn­table club nights in Whistler and Vancouver, and with crates as deep as a black hole combined with mixing and scratching skills he is considered among the best by anyone who sees him. Mat was chosen to rock the party at the '06 Winter Olympics.

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