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the letter 'T'The following concerts in Tofino are happening in the month of July 2009. Tickets are available at Tofitian and Long Beach Surfshop in Tofino.

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tofino concert - mat the alien

july 1, 2009Mat the Alien

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 • Doors 9:00 pm

Mat has been dj’ing since 1998 and developed his style while working in his family’s record store in Bury, England. Described by Knowledge Magazine as, “Awe inspiring. Some next level shit.” Mat has toured across the globe, pioneering 4-turn­table club nights in Whistler and Vancouver, and with crates as deep as a black hole combined with mixing and scratching skills he is considered among the best by anyone who sees him. Mat was chosen to rock the party at the ‘06 Winter Olympics.

tofino concert - big john bates

july 3, 2009Big John Bates

Friday, July 3, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 • Doors 9:00 pm

Big John Bates brings the sound of hotrod blues & visions of bad girls together has put the cult back in culture. Big John Bates' music has its roots in blues-based rock'n'roll but its high-energy twang and pulp fiction lyrics (focusing on the seamy side of our culture) give them a sound all their own. The show is an animal of its own and often finds the band on-stage with their own burlesque group the Voodoo Dollz who perform mainly non-traditional burlesque numbers.

tofino concert - los rastrillos

july 10, 2009Los Rastrillos

Friday, July 10, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $18 * Doors 9:00pm

Mexico City has been skanking to the cool-mestizo-reggae rhythms of the Rastrillos since 1988, grooving to their joys and pains, following their musical quest for basic human values--friendship, respect and love. Rastrillos music is a fusion of mexican popular music, with the root of reggae mixed with a taste of the jazz, funk, indu and ska traditional. The Rastrillos' songs talk about all they have experienced during this long voyage guided by the four winds. They have shared the stage with internationally renowned groups, and with the best the Mexican musical scene has to offer. This will be one of the hottest shows of the summer and is not to be missed!

tofino concert - socalled

july 14, 2009Socalled

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $10 * Doors 9:00pm

A live Socalled show is a wild and crazy ride of music, entertainment and bewilderment. Socalled aka Josh Dolgin is the multi-instrumentalist wunderkind emcee who plays keyboards, accordion, mpc and melodica. He is joined by a world class band of musicians on bass, guitar and clarinet along with the golden voice of Katie Moore. They come together to create something like a collision between Parliament Funkadelic and Yiddish theatre. They play the hits interspersed with funk, hip hop, klezmer jams, magic tricks and comedy. Definitely a once in a life-time performance and dance party.

tofino concert - chin chin

july 18, 2009Chin Chin

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 * Doors 9:00pm

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Chin Chin uses world music rhythms, disco-bass and r&b styling to make tuneful, danceable modern funk. Stirring together funk, jazz and elements of such dance-floor heroes as Brass Construction, Ohio Players, and Roger Troutman, the band has created an alchemical brew. Their sound both recalls the 70s and surpasses the era in a synthesis of retro and contemporary. A typical Chin Chin show will quickly evolve into a contagious dance party, the audience responding at once to their incendiary musicianship and charisma. Time out ny aptly summed this phenomenon up when they said that Chin Chin were "tighter than your boss with a raise."

tofino concert - 3 inches of blood

july 25, 20093 Inches of Blood

Saturday, July 25, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $18 * Doors 9:00pm

Therea's a reason fans have come to 3 Inches of Blood shows wearing Viking helmets and brandishing both real and plastic swords. Born out of a love for pure metal, weaned on a diet of fantasy and mythology, 3 Inches of Blood have been slaying the infidel and defending the faith for nearly eight years. In that time, they've released two albums and splattered the ground with crimson streaks while on tour with Satyricon, Black Dahlia Murder, Motorhead and Cradle of Filth. These are mighty accomplishments for dedicated warriors from Vancouver, British Columbia, a region that's not exactly the Camelot of heavy metal. Since inception, this purity of vision has earned the band critical acclaim in metal and alternative circles alike.This may be your one and only opportunity to see a true heavy metal show in Tofino.

tofino concert - fred eaglesmith

july 28, 2009Fred Eaglesmith

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Tofino Legion
Tix $15 * Doors 9:00 pm

A smokey mixture of hard-edged honkey-tonk and sixties rock. Freds music inspires comparisons to icons like Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen, tops the roots music charts, and boasts devoted fans that include a slew of his fellow songwriters. Eaglesmith won The Juno Award for Best Roots and Traditional Album. His show features a mix of passionate, funny and moving music, ridiculously funny comedy, honest tears and poignant observations all at once.

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