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The following concerts in Tofino are happening in the month of June 2007. Tickets are available at Tofitian, Long Beach Market (Esso) and at the Common Loaf.

Visit our Tofino concerts page for concert listings for the current month. Also check our Tofino events for listings of all local events and the Tofino festival page for our festival event calendar.

tofino concert - po' girls

june 1, 2007Po' Girl

Friday, June 1, 2007
Tofino Legion
Tickets $15, Doors 9pm

Vagabond lullabies, beat-poetry, inner-city blues. These urban minstrels pen harmony drenched melodies to warm your toes. Take the bellow of the blues, the wail of a gypsy fiddle, punk-rock street poetry, a cajun love song and depression-era jazz, mix it up and add some old r&b. This music is rich with sweetness, grit and soul. The ladies all perform on an array of instruments including banjo, clarinet, slide guitar, piano, accordion, wash-tub bass, violin, and much more.

tofino concert - immaculate machine

june 9, 2007Immaculate Machine

Saturday, June 9, 2007
Tofino Legion
Tickets $12, Doors 9pm

Victoria indie rock trio Immaculate Machine is acclaimed for its engaging live show as well as for its songwriting. Inspired by sweat, dancing, love, and political dissent; they sing in three-part harmonies and strangled shouts above crashing drums, catchy keyboards and electric guitar. Rotating lead vocals and songwriting contributions from all three members result in a style that is truly hard to pin down. Immaculate Machine's unorthodox instrumentation attracts attention. Since the band has no bass player, Kathryn plays bass lines on her keyboard with one hand while the other plays lead. Being a trio forces each member to take on multiple duties, hence the frequent three-part harmonies. But instrumental multi-tasking doesn't stop the group from putting on an engaging live show.

tofino concert - BC/DC

june 16, 2007BC/DC

Saturday, June 16, 2007
The Tofino Legion
Tickets $15, Doors 9pm

Born of bush party ashes, Nelson's BC/DC has systematically redefined the concept of a tribute band. Their live show has become a legendary, and necessary "rite-of-passage" amongst their unwavering supporters and believers. With over-the-top stage energy, they deliver every last note of the classic songs with absolute authority. You get tired just watching them. bc/dc is heavily rooted in the Bon Scott-era catalog (Dirty Deeds, tnt, Jailbreak, Let There Be Rock), but also covers ac/dc's second "golden era" with all the essentials; Back in Black, For Those About to Rock, Hells Bells, and many more. Unlike many tribute acts claiming to be "North America's #1 Clone", BC/DC has turned the tables. The band takes a comedic approach, claiming the tunes as their own, and to having "heard of some bc/dc tribute band from Australia".

tofino concert - our mercury

june 22, 2007Our Mercury

Friday, June 22, 2007
Tofino Legion
Tickets $12, Doors 9pm

Hailing out of Edmonton these crew of young twenty year old rockers are bringing a fresh face to the old genre of punk rock. For 10 years these boys do more than hold their own on stage. When they first started playing music together in Grade 5 they performed a Dayglo Abortion cover for the school talent show, these boys were clearly punk rock prodigals. Our Mercury has evolved from solid punk rock background into a band with diverse influences and a purposeful sound and message. In keeping with what the name Our Mercury represents, the band explains, "It means so many different things: it's the only metal that is liquid; it's poisonous; it's the name of a planet; it's a Roman god who was a messenger. The music is our mercury, it is our message to the people, and not the same old message, it is unique, fluid and mobile."

tofino concert - mr something something

june 30, 2007Mr Something Something

Saturday, June 30, 2007
Tofino Legion
Tickets $12, Doors 9pm

Western instruments and concepts of improvisation are explored and layered over what used to be called afrobeat; but the term strains to contain the innovations happening in the rhythm section at every show.

It also fails to express in fiery-enough terms the contributions of notable and electrifying vocalist/performance artist Johan Hultqvist. Breaks and basslines are designed to induce and sustain a state of ecstatic dancing. The horn section strikes with power and uplifts with melody.

Above all, acting as a lighting rod for the combined energies of a Mr Something Something event, is the lyrical statement of the case for change and consciousness.

tofino concert - yuk yuk comedy night

june 30, 2007Yuk Yuk Comedy night

Saturday, June 30, 2007
Weigh West
Tickets $30, Doors 8:30pm

Damonde recently became the first Canadian winner in the 27 year history of the illustrious Seattle International Comedy Competition. He has been hailed in the Globe & Mail as comedy's new superhero. "An absolutely unique act and perhaps this countries finest comedic storyteller". "Has the rare gift of commanding attention merely by talking." - Seattle Weekly.

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