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Tofino yoga sequence: Embodied Delight

by Natalie Rousseau, Tofino

the letter 'T'This intermediate sequence is best done after a few Sun Salutations to warm the body and focus the mind. Physical benefits will be greater upper and lower body strength, enhanced balance and core strength, increased flexibility in the hips and shoulders and greater energy.

Explore these poses with a mix of disciplined awareness and delightful play. Enjoy!

tofino yoga - downward dogDownward Dog

  1. Hands shoulder width, feet hip width, stretch your arms straight and strong to push your hips backwards.

  2. Keep knees micro bent if you must due to tight legs -- but do not allow spine to round -- extend with each breath!

  3. Hold 5-7 deep slow breaths.

tofino yoga - warrior 2Warrior 2

  1. Step right foot forward with your inhale breath, exhale to release left heel to the ground. Look back and check that right heel lines up with left instep.

  2. With strong legs inhale up to standing, arms extended, heart and navel lined up with the long edge of your mat.

  3. Extend a steady gaze over your right middle finger and hold the pose for 6-8 deep slow breaths.

tofino yoga - humble warriorHumble Warrior

  1. On an exhale breath take your hands behind your back and interlock your fingers. Keep your elbows slightly bent and roll your shoulders away from your heart, onto your upper back.

  2. Inhale to expand your chest, lifting heart to sky, and as you exhale again fold forward at the hips and release your head and shoulders along the inside of your right shin.

  3. Keep legs strong by scissoring the thighs towards each other and continue to roll your shoulders onto your back, away from your heart for maximum opening. Keep the neck long, the head heavy. Hold for 5-6 slow breaths and come back to Warrior 2 on an inhale breath.

tofino yoga - exalted warriorExalted Warrior

  1. Placing your left fingertips on your left thigh, turn your right palm up and with an inhale breath lift your right arm to the sky.

  2. Keep the front ribs soft
    and the back body full as you breathe deep into the right side waist.

  3. Maintain strength in the legs by pulling the muscles to the bones and drawing energy up into the pelvis. From the pelvis extend down through the leg bones into the ground and up through the spine to the right hand. Shine out with confidence and joy!

tofino yoga - downward dogDownward Dog

  1. As you exhale place your hands on the mat and step your right leg back to meet your left.

  2. Inhale to expand your upper spine, and as you exhale melt your heart and straighten your arms completely.

  3. With each breath take your hips back as you press your hands into the floor and move your thighbones back to stretch out the entire back body.

tofino yoga - plankPlank

  1. 1 Shift forward on an inhale breath to stack your shoulders over your wrists and bring your body into one strong line.

  2. Lift your thigh bones up to keep your hips from sagging and scoop your tailbone to firm your belly.

  3. Keep your fingers spread wide and your gaze forward. Lengthen forward with your heart to keep upper back from rounding. Hold for 3-4 strong breaths.

tofino yoga - side plankSide Plank

  1. Draw you arms and legs towards your core as you shift onto your right hand and the outer edge of your right foot. Place your left hand on your left hip.

  2. Pull your toes strongly towards your knees to keep feet flexed and outer shins strong. Scoop your tail, roll your upper arm bones back and from a strong and connected core extend out through your legs and spine and send the left hand to the sky.

  3. Level 1 variation is to bend the left knee and place the foot on the floor in front of you. Stay lifted and strong through your pelvis and heart -- don’t collapse!

tofino yoga - wild thingWild Thing

  1. As you exhale take your left leg back behind you and stay high on your toes.

  2. Inhale to draw arms and legs towards the pelvis with strong muscular energy, and as you exhale flip your heart up to the sky and let the left arm reach down towards the floor.

  3. Keep right leg and arm strong without locking the right elbow. Breathe deep and find a smile -- delight in the playful expression of your strong and fluid body.

  4. When you are ready flip back over into Downward Dog pose and then repeat the sequence from Warrior 2 on the left side. If you are feeling especially bright and energetic do the whole sequence twice through on each side to observe the differences the second time round. Have fun!!!!

For questions or more information, call Natalie at 250.725.8363 or email

Tofino Yoga

Tofino Time February 2011

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Tofino yoga sequence: Embodied Delight - intermediate sequence best done after a few Sun Salutations to warm the body and focus the mind.

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