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Tofino Fishing Report: July 2011

by Jay Mohl, Tofino

the letter 'W'Tofino B.C. Offshore Fishing Report The month of June has provided better than average offshore fishing conditions, with light to moderate winds and swell conditions for most days. Chinook Salmon have been very plentiful, with average sizes in the 14-24 lb range. The best action has been within 5 miles of Tofino’s outer coastline near areas known as Portland Pt and Three Humps. Clayoquot Ventures guides have been averaging between 15-20 Chinook Salmon per day, so there has been lots of action and many beautiful Salmon photographed and released. Halibut Fishing has been excellent in these same areas as well, with the average size of Halibut seeming to increase over the last year as forecasted. Many Halibut have been weighing in the 25-45 lb range, providing plenty of battle and exceptional table fare for the seafood lovers....North from Tofino outside of Hot Springs Cove area has also provided very good fishing for Salmon and Bottomfish. The travel time is a little longer but the fishing and scenery make it a worthwhile venture. Coho Salmon are starting to show in stronger numbers offshore this past week, with very strong numbers anticipated to arrive just ahead of the major Pink and Sockeye salmon runs that should be upon us by mid July. Overall rating and forecast for Tofino’s Offshore Fishing; Excellent

Tofino B.C. Inshore Fishing Report

June is the month when Tofino’s inshore action begins to really heat up, followed by July when the fishery really turns on fire. Coho Salmon numbers have been sporadically good throughout the month, with preliminary signs of the strong numbers forecasted for this popular Salmon species. Much of the Coho fishing action is focused on anglers using very light tackle or Fly patterns trolled or “Bucktailed” on the surface. Not many of the Coho Salmon to date have been exceeding 8 lbs, but they will often double in size by the end of the season so as the Coho get more plentiful, they will also get far bigger. Fishing for Chinook Salmon on the inside waters has also been good, but has seen less angling effort overall due to favourable offshore conditions and very strong numbers. Productive spots for Coho and Chinook Salmon have been near Monk Rock and Burgess Island, as well as Catface area. As July arrives, the inshore action will be in prime time, with areas around Blundan, Bartlett and Tibbs Islands a good focus for success. Overall rating for Tofino’s inshore fishing; Good and forecasted to be excellent.

Tofino B.C. Freshwater Fishing Report

As the annual downstream Salmon fry migration occurs in local streams and Rivers, June is the most active time for Sea Run Cutthroat Trout to focus on these small fry in lower rivers and estuaries, varying their diet slightly from Stickleback and Euphasids. The Trout fishing can be exceptional during this time, with small streamer style Flies or small spoons and spinners that mimic the Salmon fry. Areas like Grice Bay and streams that feed into Kennedy lake are popular. Some streams also see small runs of late spring and early Summer run Steelhead that are not easy to catch, providing great challenge for Fly fishermen who venture into the remote rivers of the area. Anglers are reminded that all Trout and Steelhead in the ocean and local streams are 100 percent Catch and Release, so please release them carefully. Overall rating for Tofino’s local Freshwater Fishing; Good

Tofino B.C. Fly & Tackle Gear Tips

With the peak of the Saltwater Season upon us, and our two main Salmon species arriving in strong numbers, here are a few suggestions to consider for your next fishing trip in the Tofino area. Chinook Salmon fishing offshore has been best with Army Truck Needlefish Hoochies, Oki Titan spoons in 4 inch or Anchovies in the 5 inch range. All can be trolled behind an Oki Flasher in Purple-Chrome, Purple-Glow or Purple Gold very near the bottom. Halibut options are not often varied from the reliable White Power Grubs or Salmon bellies fished on a spreader bar, bouncing the bottom in 140-150 feet. Coho Salmon focus should include 5-6 inch Polar Bear Bucktails in Pink or Orange, trolled within 15 feet of your motor. Terminal gear for Coho should include chartreuse Clayoquot Candlefish Spoons trolled on a 40 inch leader behind a mini flasher.


Jay Mohl operates Clayoquot Ventures, a Tofino sport fishing company and Fly & Tackle Shop. Visit his website at or call 1.888.534.7422.

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Tofino fishing report for Tofino, Ucluelet and Clayoquot Sound by Tofino fishing guide Jay Mohl for Tofino Time Magazine in July 2011.

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