PRAS spring art show in tofino

Pacific Rim Arts Society: Spring Art Show in Tofino

PRAS Spring Art Show
Long Beach Golf Course
March 17-25


These artists plus many more can be seen at the Annual P.R.A.S. Spring Art Show. Original art pieces will be raffled off at the end of the show, tickets for the raffle can be purchased at the Co-ops in both Ucluelet and Tofino, as well as at the show.

Rita Petri

Poetic, sculpture

Rita works with clay because it allows her to express herself from a simple lump of Mother Earth. She finds clay nurturing, responsive, and grounding as a medium. She makes decisions on a form almost intuitively and enjoys the experience of a piece growing in her hands. When her creative spirit craves colour, she is led to her beads and jewelry happens.

Lisa Jewell

Innovative, textile artist

Lisa first began experimenting with a sewing machine that was handed down to her 10 years ago. Through trial and error, she first experimented in quilt-making. She recalls her love of thrift store shopping as a child with her mother. At a young age she began collecting unique bits and pieces of vintage fabrics, brooches, jewelry, and antiques.

Paul Sam

Inspired, jeweler

Paul is a jeweler with over 20 years experience. He is of First Nations decent, born into a family of artists - his mom was a painter, dad a wood carver. Paul first explored the jeweler's art form in his youth with training from his uncle. Spending his life on the West Coast towns of Ahousat and Tofino, images of indigenous animals from this area inspire his work regularily.

Jordy Hamilton

Mindful, visual artist

Jordy recently graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He is currently working along side Stefan Aftanas, Tofino's local surfboard designer, doing graphic design work and creating images to be painted on surfboards. Jordy's main interest is painting but he has spent a lot of time focusing on photography, print making and the creation of interactive installations in different locations.

Daysi Tattersall

Vibrant, illustrator

Daysi began exploring her artistic talents almost immediately in life. From crayons to acrylics and pastels, she was always able to use art as an outlet for both expression and communication. Daysi's been involved in various exciting projects including a large mural displayed on Vancouver's Sea Wall. Through Daysi's influences of Picasso, Dali, and Pollack, she's developed a very personal idiosyncratic style.

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Tofino Time March 2007

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Tofino art: the annual Spring Art Show in March 2007. Organised by the Pacific Rim Arts Society (PRAS) in Tofino.

tofino time march 2007

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