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Tofino Bear Watching

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the letter 'V'Visitors to Tofino have opportunities to have world class birding in the protected habitat of Clayoquot Sound. The richness and diversity of this area creates a prime-feeding environment for birds of many species.

During the spring and fall the beaches and mud flats become host to countless numbers of migratory birds as they travel the Pacific Flyway between their summer and winter grounds.

Sandpipers can be seen moving in united flocks up and down the outer beaches, while Osprey and Eagles soar overhead searching out prey. For an adventurous approach trips out into the inlet waters can be taken to observe the fertile mud flats and they array of wildlife they host.

The enjoyment of viewing such beauty is available for all who visit, all that is required is to open your eyes and take it in. For a more in depth and informative experience guided tours are available by a number of knowledgeable operators.

Bears in Tofino

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Tofino Bear Watching:

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Tofino has world class bear watching in the protected habitat of Clayoquot Sound as a prime feeding area for black bears and their cubs.

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