the gift of reiki

The Gift of Reiki

by Martha Thomas, Tofino


Touch the body, reach the spirit, heal the soul, aaahhh Reiki. Reiki is an ancient healing art where light touch works to balance one’s energy system and promote healing on all levels: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. It is a subtle energy that penetrates and works deeply in the body. Reiki is a Japanese word pronounced ray-key. Literally translated, ” Rei” means miraculous or phenomenal, and “Ki” means energy. Phenomenal in the sense that we do not know why or how it works, but we can definitely feel the affects. Through the years the meaning of Reiki has evolved to become “Universal Life Force Energy.” Someone I know says he has a jar of this energy at home and puts it on his cereal every morning for an extra boost. But really, Reiki is a way of channeling and applying this energy directly on yourself or others with the intention of healing and well being.

Reiki has its roots in ancient India and Tibet. The knowledge was almost lost, had it not been for the studies and rediscovery of this art by Dr. Mikao Usui who became the founder of Reiki and its use in Japanese healing clinics. Dr. Usui was a devote teacher and student. It was his search for ancient truths that motivated his studies. The truth that he was seeking was the gift of healing. It was through his spiritual quest that he finally experienced this phenomenon of healing with the laying on of hands. Reiki still remains a spiritual quest for those who practice it today. Many cultures around the world have had systems of healing through touch. It is a universal way of healing. The technique and truths most likely would have been lost if it were not Dr. Usui. As the Reiki energy is such a gift, we must be grateful for his work and for those who have carried it on. .

So, what do you experience during a Reiki session? Lie back, relax, breathe and feel the sensations. Sometimes we are so caught up in our busy world and have built so much tension up in our bodies that it takes a few moments to “come down” to reality, to reach the stillness and experience the energy of Reiki. Once you do, you may experience a deep sense of relaxation. Some feel heat, tingling or pulsing in certain problem areas in their body. Some may go on a journey, having visions and out of body experiences. And some may feel emotions rise to be released from the body. Reiki works on all levels. It is great for pain, insomnia, depression and many states of dis-ease. It is a non-invasive way of healing and is ideal for those who are recovering from an injury where it is too painful to have deep tissue massage. It has divine wisdom and will travel to where it needs to in the body and will do what is needed. After the session, many feel lighter, more clear, less pain and in general…better. The Reiki is a ray of unconditional love… of pure bliss!

One of the best things about Reiki is that it is easy to learn and to practice. Once you are “attuned” or opened up to the energy, it is always flowing through you. It is always there “on hand” to use for yourself, family or friends. Parents can use it on their children for their many scrapes, bumps, cuts, bruises, colds and fevers as it helps to speed the healing. It is perfect for any type of body worker to have as a compliment to the therapy they already practice. It is also great for nurses and hospice workers who are often dealing with people in pain whether it is physical or emotional. If you are at a crossroads in your life and not sure which path to take, Reiki can help give you direction as you get in touch with yourself and your inner most desires. It can help you to realize your soul’s path.

In the first level of Reiki you will learn more about the history of this system of natural healing. You will become attuned to the energy and learn how to use it on yourself and others. In the second level of Reiki you will have another “attunement” to a higher degree and learn symbols to increase the energy and to send it for long distance healing. The symbols that you learn will increase the flow of energy and work more specifically on a mental/emotional level. Certificates are presented on the completion of the courses.

Reiki is not; a diagnostic tool, a religious practice, an alternative to medical treatment or a panacea. Reiki is an excellent compliment to any medical treatment or therapy. It is a way of giving your own body’s natural healing system a boost. It is a way to help others in need, almost like giving them a warm healing hug. It is a way to let the energy of unconditional love flow through you. Reiki is a beautiful way of touching each other’s bodies, spirits and souls with the intention for the highest good of all.

Martha Thomas is a certified Reiki master who has been studying and practicing the art of Reiki for 10 years. Call her at 250.725.2079 for more information.

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Tofino Time Magazine December 2004

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Tofino reiki master Marla Thomas explains the origins and benefits of Reiki in Tofino Time Magazine in December 2004.

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