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Tofino books: Crowlogue - a new book by Tofino's Postelsia Press

10 authors from the Clayoquot Writers Group
celebrate the crows of Tofino

the letter 'T'Tofino’s Postelsia Press has announced the release of Crowlogue, a collection of poems and prose linked by the theme of crows. Love them or loathe them, we all have experiences with crows. They can certainly annoy, with their raucous calls and adeptness at strewing garbage and stealing food (and newly planted seedlings), but they also are easy to admire. Few birds are more intelligent. Crows — along with their corvid cousins, ravens — have earned the moniker trickster for good reason in cultures around the world.

Crowlogue collects the work of ten local writers, each with a unique style. Joanna Streetly takes us through a typical day with crows - from admiration to irritation — while Janice Lore’s poetry imagines a crow with the persistence and appeal of a suitor. David Floody’s prose examines the particular talents of Tofino-based crows while greg blanchette writes of the role — fictional, perhaps — of Clayoquot Sound crows in the cycle of life. Pieces by Ashley Little, Christine Lowther, Janis McDougall, Lorna Watson, Jacqueline Windh and Caroline Woodward round out the collection. Partial proceeds of the book goes towards the Clayoquot Writers’ Group.

Crowlogue is beautifully designed and illustrated by Marion Syme. The 24-page book is printed on quality, 100% recycled stock and has a hand-stitched binding. The official release is July 6, at a launch party held at Darwin’s Cafe in the Tofino Botanical Gardens. The event, which begins at 8 pm, will includes readings by several of the authors, light refreshments, door prizes, and an open mic. Attendees are encouraged to wear black. Feathers optional.


For more information on Crowlogue and Postelsia Press, go to Crowlogue is available at local shops, the Postelsia Press table at Tofino’s Saturday Market, or directly through the Postelsia Press website.

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Postelsia Press in Tofino is proud to release their newest book: Crowlogue — a collection of stories by ten local writers, celebrating the crows of Tofino.

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