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adrian dorstAdrian Dorst

Adrian Dorst is widely known for his captivating images of wilderness, wildlife and natural landscapes on North America's Pacific coast, from Alaska to California. His photographs have appeared in numerous magazines in Canada, the US, and in Europe, as well as more than 70 books. In 1990, his best-selling book, Clayoquot; On the Wild Side helped focus attention on the endangered forests of Vancouver Island's west coast.

Paddling Through Time, a book about a kayak journey through Clayoquot Sound, was published in 2000 by Raincoast Books. His images have also been widely seen as calendars and environmental posters. Adrian is also an accomplished ornithologist and a sculptor of wood and soapstone. Born in the Netherlands and raised in Ontario, he has been a resident of Vancouver Island's wild west coast for the past 30 years and resides in the seaside village of Tofino.

Adrian Dorst is a Tofino nature photographer, carver, and birdwatching guide. Visit Adrian's websites at www.adriandorst.com. and at www.bcwildimages.com


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