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Tofino Photographer Jacqueline Windh

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Jacqueline Windh has been photographing nature and wildlife since she received her first camera at age eleven. She has been photographing the outdoors in 35 mm format for sixteen years. Her photographs have been published internationally in magazines and newspapers, as cards and postcards, and for advertising use. Her background in earth sciences (BSc McGill University 1987; PhD University of Western Australia 1992) provides a unique perspective and understanding of the natural environment, which is reflected in her photographic work.

“ Clayoquot is a meeting place – a juxtaposition of contrasts. It is the violent union of land and sea, the fragile edge of a giant continent. It is contradiction: the fury of a winter storm and the tranquility of the rainforest. It is the zone of conflict between human “progress” and a natural ecosystem that has existed in equilibrium for millenia. It is ours, yet it is no one’s.

“ I hope that my images leave an impression of the magnificent power of Nature, as well as a reminder of our planet’s fragility.”

Jacqueline Windh’s photographs are available as Special Edition and Limited Edition prints. They can be purchased as flat prints, or framed and mounted.

For further information on her work, please visit her website at The poster of the Vargas Wolves shown above is available for $15 from Jacqueline Windh. Phone her at (250) 725-2484 or email


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tofino,tofino art,artist,photographer, jacqueline windh,wolf, wolves,vargas
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