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the letter 'B'Being out on the water, observing the natural diversity and wildlife of Clayoquot Sound is essential to truly understanding this area. There is much to be seen from the deck of a boat or from overhead in a plane that our feet alone will not allow.

Bears, Wolves, Cougars, birds of many species and an abundance of marine life can be encountered. Trips of this nature are a great alternative for people who do not wish to venture out into the open seas, for many of them travel the calm inlets and protected waters.

There are a number of walking trails that are accessed by boat only, such as the Meares Island Big Tree Trail. A favourite of many is to venture out in the warm evenings of summer to catch the sunset from a floating perspective.

Many of the charter operators allow for custom private tours that can be designed by you with their guidance.

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Being out on the water, observing wildlife from a charter boat on a scenic cruise, is a great way to see bears in Tofino.

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