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Horoscope for July: Capricorn

Capricorn horoscope by Karedwyn Bird

Capricorn Dec.23 — Jan.19

capricornYour zodiac sign reigns when Nature is at her most merciless & challenging; this makes you one tough survivor. But survival mode has limitations.

The generous light and soft summer breezes of Cancer this month give us a bounty of soft petalled flowers and ripening fruits. Correspondingly, generosity & supportive encouragement, given freely to others in your life, yields a bountiful harvest of love & pleasure that can get you through the hardest of times.

Plant your seeds in the wake of the New Moons on the 1st & 30th. Rose Moon on the 14th is your once a year Full Moon; celebrate it with all your might!

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July Horoscope for Capricorn from Tofino. Written by Tofino astrologer Karedwyn Bird for Tofino Time Magazine.

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