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Horoscope for August 2009: Libra

by Karedwyn Bird, Tofino

Libra Sep.23 — Oct.22

libra Time is the magic elixir in all works of wonder. A bee must visit 4 thousand flowers to make one teaspoon of honey. A human fetus takes 40 weeks to develop.

This month, draw upon the wisdom in Virgo to focus your mind and the advice given in Taurus to source in the power of the present.

Decide what you will and use the potency of the Super Moon on the 20th to set the corner stone: "If you are facing in the right direction, all you have to do is keep on walking." (Buddhist proverb)

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August Horoscope 2009 for Libra from Tofino. Written by Tofino astrologer Karedwyn Bird for Tofino Time Magazine.

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