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Horoscope for October 2008: Virgo

Virgo horoscope by Karedwyn Bird, Tofino

Virgo Aug.22 — Sep.22

virgo Now that your nuts and bolts are in relative order, and you are a whole year more perfectly you, it is time to transcend to the social realms, the banquets and coffee cliches of humanity.

Between Yoga in the morning and the Maquinna at night, you may find that fine line between discipline and indulgence.

Up until the 22nd, the Sun in balancing Libra shines its light and warmth into the places where people are. This is the season of social revival, of reconnection, of ideas and joint ventures.

Weather patterns and energies intensify from the 22nd onward with the Sun's force deepening in Scorpio, and Halloween on the horizon.

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October Horoscope for Virgo from Tofino. Written by Tofino astrologer Karedwyn Bird for Tofino Time Magazine.

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