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Horoscope for April 2008: Aquarius

Aquarius horoscope by Karedwyn Bird, Tofino

Aquarius Jan.21 — Feb.19

aquariusApril Fools' Day dawns with the Moon in your wonderfully eccentric sign this year - so why not celebrate it all month long; woo your wonderful, expect the unexpected, and make dancing your main mode of locomotion!

Rewind your calendar by beginning the New Year with Spring, and find your own special name for the Full Moon rising on the 20th. A grand kite formation of planets on this date favors high-flying hopes and dreams; and offers a surplus of energy all round.

Remember that "change and growth take place when a person has risked themselves and dares to become involved in experimenting with their own life" (Herbert Otto).

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Tofino Time April 2008

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April Horoscope for Aquarius from Tofino. Written by Tofino astrologer Karedwyn Bird for Tofino Time Magazine.

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